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Cop Feedback App Features

Some ways our app is useful

Rate the Police

Leave detailed ratings and reviews of your interactions with law enforcement officers.

Be Part of the Solution

Help showcase local heroes and surface bad actors to keep our streets safe for all citizens.

Best Cops

See a list of the Best Cops according to ratings

Worst Cops

See a list of the Worst Cops according to ratings

Search Cops

Coming soon, search cops by location, badge or name.

Update Reviews

Coming soon, we'll display your previous reviews on a screen.

Help Support Cop Feedback

Cop Feedback is a free app with no ads, built as a service to our community. If you'd like to help support the project please use the button below to donate as little as $2. Every bit helps to provide app updates and new features as well as helping to cover continued maintenance costs like server storage and bandwidth. Thanks for all of your support!